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5 Apps for Your Busy Life!

We live in a world where we run the risk of things taking over our lives, and technology is one of them. Technology has plenty of positive and beneficial attributes, but it can get picked on for all the “bad things” it does to our health, well being and our social skills. Just take a look around. You’ll see the majority of people around you with their faces and hands glued to their phones, tablets and computers. You can probably hear “dings” and “buzzes” from all directions, as we are in a constant need to stay electronically connected to others. This constant need for connection takes you away from being present, which therefore creates an emotional barrier to those around you and a lack of appreciation of the beauty around you.

Now, I bet two things. Some of you (myself included!) are probably denying that you are addicted to your phones and tablets. You probably would also not be willing to throw out your phone anytime soon. So, let’s look on the bright side and utilize our technology to empower us and our health.

There are thousands, if not millions of apps out there that you can choose from. We have hand selected a few of our favorites that can be utilized as empowering tools to make your life easier, happier and healthier.

  1. For those of us who need help with organization! Do you have post-it notes, multiple pieces of paper with random lists of things to do, or even better, lists in your head that you think you’ll remember to address later in the day? Trello is an amazing app that can store all your thoughts and ideas that popTrello up in your head throughout your busy day. With an easy platform to work with, you can create folders, files and lists according to category, whether it is for work, family or play. And for those who need accountability because you won’t think to open that app to check your list, don’t worry as there are options for notifications!
  1.  As mentioned above, we all live busy lives and can utilize our technology to either help or hinder us from getting the most out of it. Taking time out of the day for a little mindfulness may seem like mindfulnessa burden to some, but is promised to provide clarity, peace and happiness in your day. Mindfulness Daily provides quick and easy practices to reduce stress and anxiety while improving your efficacy throughout the day. A little bit of mindfulness goes a long way.
  1. Toxins are all around us, including in the “stuff” we put on our skin and in the “food” that we put in our mouth. We are exposed to countless chemicals and toxins, making it important to know what your products are really made of so you can keep you and your family safe and healthy by limiting the exposure of unnecessary chemicals. Contrary to popular belief, here in the United States, the FDA does not have our best interest in mind. The regulations to EWG appkeep harmful chemicals out of your daily products and to have truthful labels are very low. Thanks to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), who specializes in research and advocacy of toxic chemicals and your health, they have created an awesome and useful app called EWG Healthy Living that you can search products and scan with your phone’s camera to find ratings for your products and food you own or want to buy. This one app could be a game changer in your family’s health!
  1.  Easy Pill – Medication Tracker is exactly that! It is an app that can help keep track of your medication, supplements and vitamins that you are balancing. As you know, some supplements need to be taken with food, away from food, multiple times a day… and if Easy Pillyou’re taking multiple types of meds and supplements, it can be easy to forget how to take them and when you are supposed to. You probably wrote it down on one of those post-it notes mentioned above! Set reminders and color-code them, displaying how often you take it, how many times a day, how many days, and other customary directions there may be.
  1.  For all the women out there…Period Tracker could be your new best friend. With tons of cool features, when you get down to the periodtrackerbasics, it is a handy app to track your cycles along with symptoms such as acne, bloating, cramps, cravings and moods to just name a few. This information can be an integral part of identifying patterns that may or may not be related to your cycle.



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