Dr. Alethea Eller

If you’ve reached this page, you must be curious as to who I am. Truthfully, like most people, I play many roles in my life. In addition to being a doctor, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and business owner. I lead a busy life, and I love it! What I especially enjoy is helping my patients heal physical, emotional and energetic wounds and regain or improve their health using the healing treatments at Innovative Health Partners.

Wellness, healing and staying healthy has always been a part of my life. My parents believed that keeping the body as healthy as possible was the way to stave off illness. So, we visited a chiropractor once a month simply to stay well. I thought everyone did this, so it was a bit of shock when I realized my family was unusual.

Health had always interested me, so when I got to college, I initially studied physical and occupational therapy. I loved helping people, but eventually the chiropractic bug bit me. I guess you could say it runs in the family – two brothers are also chiropractors.

After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2001, I began my journey in private practice. I gained patients, enjoyed working with and educating them on chiropractic and began to notice something. Not everyone improved. Some people just couldn’t seem to get better. At that point, my favorite question became (and still is) “Why?”

– Why aren’t some patients holding their adjustments longer?
– Why aren’t some patients seeing overall health improvements?
– Why can’t they extend the time between visits?
– Why wasn’t I able to “fix” them?

The answers to these questions always seemed to be different. But it pushed me to learn more. I added a nutrition and diet focus to help patients understand that eating better can equal a healthier body and life. I learned acupuncture to tackle issues that chiropractic couldn’t directly address. I began using homeopathy and seeing my patients through the lens of different treatment possibilities:  Physical, Emotional and Energetic. I was learning how to manage the proper techniques to use with patients depending upon what was manifesting for them in the moment. I realized I needed more tools to help them.

Eventually, I left my practice to devote myself full-time to incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into my work. Now all of the modalities I have at my disposal aid in the healing of my patients. I enjoy working in partnership with my patients to identify, address and remove obstacles to give them the best chance at full health.

The BEST part of what I do, though, is introducing someone to the benefits of our care here at Innovative Health Partners and seeing how they grow, change and become healthier. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how sick you’ve been. You will find relief and a different way of approaching your health in our practice.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you are off the hook. I also believe we must take a stand for our own health. That’s why I partner with you to make better health possible for you. That’s the key word:  partner. It’s a word I don’t take lightly.

Outside of my Webster Groves office, I lead an equally busy life. I have three active kids who live their lives to the fullest – public school, sports and church. They are close in age, so there is never a dull moment in our house! Add the family dog (who is like a four-footed hairy child) and my husband and you can imagine things get rambunctious and loud at times!

The cool thing about what I do is that I can use my family as a mini laboratory. The knowledge I’ve gained regarding healing and health in the various disciplines I’ve studied has meant my kids have super strong immune systems. Every day, they’re exposed to all kinds of germy things, including the usual diseases kids pick up. I’ve used functional medicine, what I use here at Innovative Health Partners, since they were born. To date, none of my kids has ever been on an antibiotic. Hard to believe, I know.

The foundation of what I do is rooted in the belief (and fact) that our bodies are designed to heal themselves. They are amazing “machines” that can overcome so much if supported in a healthful and constructive way. Now, this doesn’t mean my husband and I are always perfect in taking care of our kids or us. We’re human, too. But we always circle back to what we know works best for them – and us.

And it will work for you, too.