5 Apps for Your Busy Life!

We live in a world where we run the risk of things taking over our lives, and technology is one of them. Technology has plenty of positive and beneficial attributes, but it can get picked on for all the “bad things” it does to our health, well being and our

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Protein Power Balls!

Okay guys, I have a confession. I am a snack-aholic. I absolutely LOVE to snack! It gets trickier, though. I also love sweets. Who’s with me?! We’ve all felt the struggle – it seems like some of the easiest snacks can be the ones that are full of empty calories and ultimately

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Biomat Buzz!

“What is that wonderful warm mat that I lie on during my acupuncture treatment?” It is called a biomat and is very popular with our patients!  The biomat uses far infrared wavelengths as the heat source.  Different to superficial heating pads, far infrared penetrates into the body, heating it from

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What’s the Deal with Vitamin D?

There’s a vitamin out there that unfortunately slips under the radar and is missed by many doctors, and therefore, many patients. That vitamin is vitamin D. As holistic physicians, we do our best to find the root cause and make connections between our patients’ symptoms. Too many times have we

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