Dr. Alethea Eller

If you’ve reached this page, you must be curious as to who I am. Like most people, I play many roles in my life. In addition to being a doctor, I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business owner. I lead a busy life, and I love it!  One of my biggest joys is helping my patients heal and conquer their limiting health patterns!

Wellness, healing and staying healthy has always been a part of my life. My parents believed that keeping the body as healthy as possible was the way to stave off illness. So, we visited a Chiropractor once a month simply to stay well. I thought everyone did this, so it was a bit of shock when I realized my family was unusual.

I began my career as a Physician in private Chiropractic practice.   At that point, my favorite question became (and still is) “Why?

  • Why aren’t some patients holding their adjustments longer?
  • Why aren’t some patients seeing overall health improvements?
  • Why are some patients not “fixed”?

The answers to these questions always seemed to be different.  But it pushed me to learn more.  I added a nutrition and diet focus to help patients understand that eating better can equal a healthier body and life.  I learned acupuncture to tackle issues that chiropractic couldn’t directly address.  I began using supplements and started seeing the pattern of physical, emotional and nutritional triggers in health.  I realized I needed more tools to help them.

Looking back, there was one event propelled me powerfully in the direction of Functional Medicine.  It was over ten years ago and my first child was covered in eczema.  Our pediatrician recommended steroid cream and oral steroid.  I asked, “What is causing it?”  “How can we prevent it?”  I discovered that our western healthcare system is not necessarily rooted on finding the cause, rather the focus is more symptom treatment.  Often the medicines we use to treat the symptom are in reality taking us even further from health.  Yikes!

This experience compelled me look at other cultures and healthcare paradigms.  I most appreciated learning German Homeopathic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Eventually, I left my practice to devote to further learning.  In 2010, I had the honor and privilege of opening one of St. Louis’s few functional medicine practices with my partner, and cousin Dr. Wibbenmeyer.

My patients are some of the most amazing people I know.  I promise if you ask “why”, I will never be offended.  It shows you are looking for real answers to your health and life.

Out side of my practice in Webster Groves, I lead an equally busy life.  I am married to my number one fan, have three active kids whose energy is matched only by our sweet and crazy dog!  I have enjoyed gaining these health insights while my kids are young and can benefit from growing healthy bodies.  Sure, we get sick from time to time, however our bodies and immune systems work well and the herbs and homeopathic supports are effective if we need help restore balance and relieve symptoms.  Hard to believe but to this day, non of my kids have ever required an antibiotic!

Functional medicine is the forefront of modern day medicine.  Thank you for taking the time here.  I look forward to meeting you!